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AmtgardRoleplaySolstice's Journal
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Thursday, February 1st, 2007
1:12 pm
Continued from Fiends....
IC: "Well, do what you think you have to. I'm going to poke around on my own and see what I can find. We'll start with what you know. What can you tell me about these Romans, Easterners and 'Half Dragons.' Maybe if we pool our resources we can get to the bottom of this."

'And I can figure out how to use them to my advantage' he thought.

"Not much" answered Celwyn. "The Romans moved into the tower with a large army. They offered Solstice their protection when one of our citizens made first contact. They seem very lawful, except that necromancy has been more of a problem since they moved in.

At about the same time, some easterners showed up, they claim to be looking for a renegade and they aren't very peaceful in their investigation. They are pretty distainful of the rest of us. They reportedly ran off with a relic from the Roman temple.

The half-dragons... well, one of them was murdered by the Sheriff of Crystal Groves. He transported her body back here but it seems to have disappeared. There's some people working on that. The other half-dragon was captured by a necromancer for the slave trade." She looked grim at the mention of the slave trade. "She was rescued, but no one likes or trust her much. And we all got into trouble with the Romans for taking our own inititive." She left out the part that Calion was involved, and Jaxom's arrow that set the boat on fire or that she had gone to Nakani to smooth things over.
Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
4:13 pm
From the journal of Ashatharu
The romans, would-be rulers of Solstice, have undertaken the task of building a temple within the city. The temple was to be a melding of traditional Roman design and belief, and those of Solstice. An admirable goal to be sure.

According to rumors, and the word of a bookseller, the Bundle of Jupiter, a roman relic of unspecified power described in a book we retrieved for said bookseller was delivered to this new temple. This mysterious relic has been the cause of great upset since it was first mentioned. Several people have expressed interest (of varying degrees of ferocity) in acquiring the Bundle, for a great number of secret reasons. While I know next to nothing about this Bundle or it's powers, I can't help but notice how simply discussing it seems to bring the worst in many people.

In response to the rumors, the scout Yoshi and another man who I didn't recognize decided to go see the temple and see what could be learned of the Bundle. Out of curiosity I decided to accompany them. After all, it never hurts to be aware of any strange powers these Romans are likely to possess. Of late, my thoughts have been largely occupied by the unusually manic reactions of people in response to this Bundle and I found myself retracing those familiar paths as we traversed the distance to the temple.

Upon our arrival, the Bundle was promptly forgotten when I saw what awaited us. Something, I do not know, what had happened. Where we should have seen a nearly complete temple, we were confronted instead with disaster. Flames, smoke and falling rock dominated the place. Some kind of fire or explosion had happened. The only thing that was clear was that there we still people trapped inside.

The three of us sprang into action, we pulled three victims to safety through the falling rubble who were able to give us little information save telling us there more people in the inner sanctum. They were also able to provide us some unknown enchantments and magical improvements to our weapons to face the temple's guardian stone golems who seemed to have gone berserk. The unknown enchantments seem hide us from the golems, for once all three of us were wearing them, the attacks stopped. We reached the inner sanctum through a locked door that proved almost annoyingly simple to open. I have no experience with breaking and entering and we were still able to unlock the door in a matter of minutes. One could reason that the booby trap on the door could compensate for the ease of negotiating the lock, but we all survived the booby trap as well.

In the inner sanctum we were confronted by a mummy. I found this particularly disturbing for a number of reasons. The first is that the Romans are not known for mummifying their dead. Second, if they do subscribe to such practices, there should not have been any mummies within this temple as it has yet to see completion.

Through the sanctum we found the gnomish wizard Bien Tinkerman who was apparently acting as a consultant in the construction of the temple. He was adamant that we needed to find the Bundle before leaving. The Bundle was nowhere in sight and the only place left to look was through a hole in the floor. Through the hole we found a bizarre creature who called itself the King of the Mummies or somesuch. This creature had the Bundle and a cadre of mummy servants defending it. The third member of our party whose name I don't know found it necessary to inform the "Mummy King" that necromancy was not permitted under Roman rule and that it should cease and desist all activities. I found myself amused despite the danger of the situation. After this exchange, we defeated the mummies, including "his lordship," and retrieved the Bundle. Again I noticed how people seem to become possessed of anger in response to the Bundle. Bien was particularly hostile.

Back in the Sanctum, were attacked by a Shinobi. He took the Bundle and ran from the temple. I chased him and even managed to hit him with a well-placed throwing dagger. The dagger seemed to have no effect and the Shinobi vanished as soon as he exited the temple.

In the end, the visit to the temple left me with far more questions than answers. First of all what caused the disaster at the temple? The mummy king? Who is this mummy king? Is it a rogue undead with exceptional powers? Is it controlled by the necromancers, or this blood cult I have heard of? What are Shinobi doing in Solstice? They are cunning and dangerous, and are loathe to expose themselves. To my thinking, Shinobi desperate enough to expose themselves as such, are dangerous indeed. Finally what is this Bundle of Jupiter? Why does it bring out such darkness in people? Why am I unaffected? Am I affected and unaware?

Luan'na Ye Shel'larla
Galdorasra Ashatharu

Current Mood: worried
Monday, January 22nd, 2007
2:08 pm
Fiends that go bump in the night
"No one said I was doing to to help your Barony. Sure, I said the people will suffer, but I'm not a citizen, so honestly, whatever happens to you or yours really is no concern of mine. I'm just here to give you a friendly warning. BUT, if your going to insist on being contrary then fine. Meet me in 10 minutes out in the forest. Focus on me and you should be able to teleport there."

Friendly warning my ass, thought Celwyn. Why would you warn someone and then say whatever happens wasn't your concern. This guy was slicker than that 'medicine man' who ran the magic shop on Merchants Row. But she might as well hear what he had to say.

She sent another message to Calion, and one to Lysander, then telported to the forest.
Friday, January 19th, 2007
9:01 pm
continued from Nwalmaer in the Belly of the Beast
After much shooshing, Celwyn got Morcion to lie down in his bed upstairs. It seemed like every two seconds he was calling her for something. She decided she just needed to give it a minute or two.

So she walked into her study. In the very dim light, the warrior-elf could barely make out a man sitting in a chair. It was clearly not Lysander, and not Calion. Her instincts kicked into high gear. She would protect her child upstairs, like a mother bear protecting her cub with fierce determination.

She began to cast a fireball.

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Thursday, January 18th, 2007
6:36 am
continued from: Visitor's in the Grove
"I am afraid to reveal too much as he may see it as a betrayal of trust and a breach of my honor. That in and of itself may be too much but I ramble and it grows cold. Suffice it to say I have been able to contact Lai and left with him the information that was imparted to me about the Roman artifact." She pauses as if to take a long breath and seems to shudder. "But it seems that you have some business to attend to. I do wish that I could help in some small way."

From what Celwyn could gather, this ghost was being forced to spy on them. "We were just talking. You aren't interrupting anything." Celwyn assured her.

"Can you tell us what being holds you?" Celwyn asked. They are in violation of the Roman's Table XIII. And I don't think it's right." she added with conviction "He/She or It needs to return your body to a healer so you can be raised. I'll do it gladly."

Morcion seemed to calm down about the bats, but now the grown-ups were talking.

Celwyns eyes seemed to become unfocused for a moment. "Hmm." She said. "I have to get Morcion to bed. It's getting dark and Father feels something evil around." (messenger spell from other scene) She looked at Ashatharu. "Do you want to stay and talk to Tavae, for as long as she is able?"
Friday, January 12th, 2007
9:20 pm
V is for Vendetta, Visions and Visitors
Calion awoke with a start from the couch in the parlor where he had been half-dozing. He sensed the presence of an evil being, and it was close. Putting a finger to his head, he used a Messenger spell to alert Celwyn.

What could it be, he thought as he arose from his reclining position. He tried to slip back into a meditative state to find it again, but it was no use. He was at ends now, and it was lost. And try as he might he couldn't shake the urgent, gut-wrenching feeling that something was horribly wrong and it needed his attention now.

Celwyn was a big girl, she could take care of herself and Lysander was around. Maybe one of the necromancer cult had wandered in, or perhaps it was that damned Calamarin. Probably time to take care of that monstrosity before it did any damage. He went to his study to fetch his long dagger with the sinister curve, pushing open the massive door with ease, unfazed by the glowing runes. He took a Compendium from the shelf in the room as well and began to flip through the pages, looking up the description of that particular beastie.

If it was the Calamarin, he it was unwise to deal with it alone. Then he remembered that Vatae was supposed to show up. Well, maybe she would come hunting. She said she wanted him to teach her after all. At least the nice dark clothes she wore would hide the blood well.

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12:11 pm
Visitor's in the Grove
As you approach you see an short haired elven woman in some sort of distress. She wears a pair of strange looking foot covers, Hideous coulottes, and a poetshirt with a black and purple bodice.

OOC: She appears solid. But you really won't know until an attempt to touch her is made.
Wednesday, January 10th, 2007
10:36 am
The Mysterious Lost Book (Vatae's Journal entry)
Well the most interesting of things happes the other day. That Militia that had been so suitably banned, got back together at the behest of a bookseller. Appeared that he had some intrest in a dusty old tome that spoke of a Roman artifact. The Bundle of Jupiter or some such. But I get ahead of myself.

It has been stated by those that govern over this land that vigilante groups such as the one that went out would not be tolerated and so I suffered myself to go with them so that I could bear witness to the crime to the proper athorities. Not that they did much that day, not a single one of them deigned to raise a finger, but that works out in my favor as that damnable Ash is rather distrustful of my presance anywhere and after my trip to the "restroom" he had to inquire as to where it was I went. As if spending several hour tramping about the ruins and searching bookshelves isn't enough to make a bladder burst!! He is right not to trust me though, if he does not agree with the Romans taking rule here.

I have further note elsewhre in my entries and when I get the time will link this to those as well. Should be interesting to see what those runes that I could not read at the time mean.

Calion seems a bit standoffish at this point. I don't know if he suspects or what is going on. Hopefully he will see the blessing of the Empire coming to this land and aid in the successful rise to power. I for one miss the indoor plumming and, well having to settle for less, paved roads.

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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
12:33 pm
Nwalmaer in the Belly of the Beast
Nwalmaer sat on an overhang listening. Elves made him want to barf, they always had. There was very little in the world that he enjoyed more than hunting them for sport then butchering. If he was VERY lucky, he would occasion to find an entire family and watch the horror as he did away with children in front of squalling parents before he raped the women before their husbands, choking the life out of them as he achieved climax, then eviscerating the men, leaving them to hang from trees. Ah, the good old days…

"The elves here have not always been well-treated by the rest of the population. And by here I mean this coast. Solstice has never been hostile to us, but we like many of the other citizens here are immigrants to these lands." She smiled and roughed Morcion's hair. "I guess Morcion can call these lands his native lands.”

Nwalmar wanted to rip the pretty little boys throat out just to hear him peep, but there were bigger fish to fry. He reached down and magically placed the symbol of the Paladin order on his tunic. It wasn’t difficult, after all, to use both sides since good and evil were relative concepts. What he considered good others considered not so nice. He slipped silently through a window and found himself nice warm study, moved a chair into the shadows and waited…
Monday, January 8th, 2007
8:20 pm
RP: Call of Blood pt 2
RP (Tonight):

He was called Nwalmaer, tough it wasn't his real name. He was out in the dark heading towards a place he wasn't supposed to. It was raining and cold tonight. Nwalmaer HATED the combination, preferring the warmth of a tavern, or more ideally the bed of a whore or two. However, he was on an errand. He had heard that an army of outlanders had taken over the old tower up in the hills, and he wanted to take a look for himself. Lousy weather. If there was a moon out, at least he'd be able to avoid tripping over stumps and whatever shit lay in the road. By the Lords of the Abyss he was miserable. Again, he tripped. This time, he fell flat on his ass as he skidded in the mud-and came face to face with what had once been a rather attractive girl who had had her neck slit and a cut from her navel to her sternum. She had been buried in a shallow grave and apparently All the blood had been drained out and her chitlins were missing. Whoever did it did't even bother to sew her up or anything.

FUCK. Why the hell does this shit happen to me? he thought. He had half a mind to forget he saw her and move along. Probably another mugging gone wrong. But something struck a cord. Maybe it was the fact she looked so young, or maybe the brutality of it, or maybe it was because she had once been his favorite whore (one who could do things with her tounge that most women only aspired to) that annoyed him. He sighed looked at the dead green eyes, eyes that had once shined with a brilliance that added almost as much to her charm as her ability to carry on an intelligent conversation. Martiel had deserved better, whore though she was, than to sit out in the open and rot.

She was a rare gem, one of those girls who managed to keep themselves clean and free of disease, a girl who actually enjoyed her work for the fun and pleasure without the ties of an addiction or a child. She was skilled in coversation, massage and so many sins of the flesh she could have been mistaken for a succubus-and Nwalmaer knew succubi. She had been a girl who would have done well in the salons of the well to do families or even at a court of nobility.

Nwalmaer lit a roll of pipeweed, looked at her again and shut her eyes. Holy handgrenades it was going to be tough to explain to the authorities. He was out and heading to the restricted area. He knew full well the outlanders had set down a rule saying no one was to approach their fort. Of course, he didn't quite give two shits because he didn't quite give two shits about the citizens of Solstice. What the hell had they done for him? That Elven bitch Celwyn had pretty much put him out of business, her master scuttered of someplace west to "do pennance." Lousy twerp. Calion was just as bad, and he didn't really want to see him ever again. Fortunately, he probably wouldn't be recognized. Probably better take some precautions. Not he could do with the leftovers. Besides, better to leave the carcass here so the locals wouldn't think he had had something to do with it. He liked her, but not enough to take the fall for it. Besides, she'd been dead for awhile, as noted by the bugs and crawlies. If he hadn't been hardened to such things, he probably would have blown chunks.

He walked back to his hut and grabbed a cowl and cloak. Hopefully it would hide his eyes and obscure him a little better, then he headed off into the night to a grove, to meet someone he had hoped he'd never have to deal with again...
5:23 pm
RP: Call of Blood
OOC: (cue the Alfred Hitchcock Presents theme) Good evening everyone, we're going to start another sub-plot in our current campaign dealing with the arrival of Rome-The Blood Cult. I intend this to add some mystery and just a little fear, as we slowly reveal a new evil into the world. I want to give a little background before we start. The Blood Cult is headed by Sebedee ben Saul, a Jewish slave to Marcus Cato that he got when he was in Judea. He’s an ultra-orthodox, who practices the old ways…VERY old. I’m using a newer notion that the blood sacrifice once performed in the temple was at one point in history a human sacrifice.

I don’t want any of you thinking I’m some sort of anti-Semite. An Anti-Paladin, yes indeed, but no anti-Semite. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for almost all Jews (my wife’s brother’s mother in law not withstanding). In an attempt to create a historically accurate character background, I’ve had to add Sebedee. Unfortunately, this means that it might grate on some folks alarm bells and get the uninitiated thinking I like Prussian Blue and plotting the death of world Jewry. Nothing can be far from the truth. So, with that being said, here’s the opening…

IC (three weeks ago):
Martiel awoke to find herself bound to a slab in a room lit by torches. Shaking off the fuzziness that still clouded her mind; she turned her head to look around. The room was richly appointed, with walls covered by red fabric, with a purple curtain sectioning off another room. In front of this stood a bronze cauldron set upon a pedestal, next to it stood a gold brazier that was smoking with sweet smelling wood A man wearing a white headdress stood over her. She could see a breastplate of gold inlaid with twelve different stones over a white tunic.

“Ba-re-chu’ et Adonai ha-me-vo-rach’.
Ba-ruch’ Adonai ha-me-vo-rach’ le-o-lam’ va-ed’.
Ba-ruch’ A-tah’ Adonai E-lo-hei’-nu Me’-lech ha-o-lam’,
Yo-tzer’ or u-vo-re’ cho’-shech , o-seh’ sha-lom’
u-vo-re’ et ha-kol’”* he chanted.

Then he noticed she was awake. He looked deep into her emerald green eyes and said “Well, young lady” he said with a sardonic grin, “it would seem that you’re in a bit of a bind.” The others who surrounded the room laughed at the pun. “You should be honored, you are about to become a fitting offering for the Most High. She recoiled at his touch as he began to stroke her copper hair. She tried to speak, but found herself unable to do so.

Then he spoke to the crowd “Elohim has seen fit to bring us to this land, the true Promised Land given over to Ibrahim and Moise. The land here is green and the breezes cool. We will find much prosperity here and a place to build His temple- even greater than those one built by Solomon and Herod. Here will we make our home and kill tall those who live there, just as Yehoshua drove back the Amalekites, Amorites and Caananites. Just as he said that all living things there must be destroyed down to the kine, so shall it be here.” He lifted his face towards the sky, somewhere above and raised a knife of iron and began to chant again in his strange tounge:

“Ba-re-chu’ et Adonai ha-me-vo-rach’.
Ba-ruch’ Adonai ha-me-vo-rach’ le-o-lam’ va-ed’.
Ba-ruch’ A-tah’ Adonai E-lo-hei’-nu Me’-lech ha-o-lam’,
Yo-tzer’ or u-vo-re’ cho’-shech , o-seh’ sha-lom’
u-vo-re’ et ha-kol’.”

It was the last thing Martiel heard, as she was turned over. It was then that she noted the groove in the table. She let out a scream as the knife came down and slit her throat from ear to ear.

After it was over, Sebedee ben Saul placed the girl’s organs onto the brazier, praying the whole time. A follower took what was left outside and dumped it into the woods.

Yes, this was a good land, and it would belong to the true children of Israel…

*Bless Adonai the (One Who) is blessed;
Blessed is Adonai the One Who is blessed to eternity and forever
Blessed are You Adonai G-d our King of the universe/eternity
creator of light and creates darkness He makes peace
and creates everything.
Thursday, January 4th, 2007
8:51 pm
Nakani stood behind the bar, musing on the Roman problem, while wiping the bar down with a fresh cloth. His pointed cat ears twitching periodically as he listened to the conversations going on around him. His slitted eyes watching the crowd for signs of trouble. He was wearing a black tunic and pants, a dark brown apron over that.

He looked around his inn, noting the tables closest to the fire, where the robed and turbaned Jackyl sat watching the other patrons while drinking his mead. The serving wenches doing their rounds, keeping up with customer demands, an occasional slap ringing out to indicate one of the drunken patrons grabbing something they shouldn't have. Upstairs it was business as usual, with the girls and boys doing their thing, some "advertising" by standing on the balcony.

The new laws troubled Nakani. The ban on murder was fine, considering he hadn't taken a contract in years. Not sure how Jackyl will take that one. But the edict against piracy had Nakani concerned, though he and his crew hadn't been out in months, the Siren's Song sitting at the docks gathering barnacles.

A patron walks up to the bar, mumbling for another ale, and surreptitiously dropping a folded piece of paper with his coins. The rag moved over the coins and paper before anyone could notice. He'd read it later...

For just a moment the door opened, and a young boy stuck his head and one hand inside. In one handed gestures, the boy signaled that trouble was on the way. Romans. That's all he needed...

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1:29 pm
Visitor to the grove
Celwyn watched her son, Morcion, as he pushed his wooden carts around the stepping stones that served as an walk-way to her modest two-story house in the elven grove. She fought an urge to pace. Although she could be very patient facing down an enemy from behind her shield, inactivity was alien to the warrior elf. It was unseasonably warm for Narvinye and she wondered if the Romans had a weather-device they were using without regard to the natural climate of this coastal plain.

It would be nice to have a visitor. The number of elves in Solstice was increasing again, and it reminded her of the days when Jenos and Tara were around - of course Appoloyon had been around then too. It was a relief that he had stopped dogging her steps. But she had changed since then too, and had begun to feel as much loyalty to the people of the area, humans and elves, as to her race. It wasn't a feeling of patriotism so much, since humans had strange ideas about ownership of the land, but more a feeling of belonging.
12:52 pm
Letter to Calion
Lord Calion,

I do beg your pardon for not keeping our appointment last week. I did so look forward to speaking with you about what you have to teach me. Alas, I was called away on business, which was unfortunately cancelled after I arrived at the location. There needn't be any worry though, i had two half-orcish protectors, and another who seemingly volunteered for no reason I could ascertain.

I would beg of you to find time to reschedule our discussion.

Mistress Methalis
Thursday, December 21st, 2006
5:20 pm
two times the trouble
He closed the door on the last patron. Finally they where gone, he had alot of work to do. He waited only an hour then retreated to his chamber.

A small knot hole near the bar, few would ever know it kept a secret and those that did would not be able to enter; except other Kami but those where few and far between here.

The room was an exact modle of the Imperial palace, Nogitsune helped with that since he only saw it once. Lots of energy had went in to this tavern, too much for some westerners to foul it up.

[Nogitsune summon her!]

It took only a few seconds for the aparition to apear, easy when you have acces to the body. Even more so when bound to a kitsune.

"Tavae, are you addapting well?"

"I have yet to find a means to restore your conection, and with the situation a fear that I may never do so." he sighed. he had to do this with out Nogitsune, her special talents and her present form had proven to allow her to see both him and his friend, seperate but together.

"I need you to search the people of Solstice, one or more of them are conversing with the Romans; I know not why as of yet. I do know that they are pushing towards setting anti-magic zones in the area... this would dystroy me, the tavern, my special room, and consiquently you." He gave it a moment for the reality of that to set in.

"I make no false hoods about my nature to you, but I believe that this is what you too wish to prevent."

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10:26 am
Dreamland Visitations
OOC: This is for Charlie. I decided to start something, let me know if we should continue.

she walks into a sunlit meadow admiring the way the clouds give just the rigth amount of intermitant shade. He sits there on a picnic blanket awaitng her with his lute across his lap. A smile lights her features, as she crosses to sit near him.

"It is good to see you Lai."
5:50 am
Missive to the Roman Leader of Novus Mare

It seems that there have been goings on in this region that have not been brought to your attention. I speak of an incursion of some easterners. From information that I have been able to gather, they are seeking a type of demon that has travelled here from thier realm. There was somewhat about the types of things they did, peeling the face of a tavernkeeper was one. It was cited that the culprits did this because of the demons ability to change forms. A creature such as this running about is indeed a danger to the good people of Rome, for if it has travelled this far already, who is to say it won't move on to more central Rome? As for those who seek it, well there apparent manner of seeking is prone to give nightmares to even the most strong of Praetorians.

I also take it gather from the inhabitants that it is commonplace for all manner of creatures to just appear in Novus Mare. It would seem in good intrest to find the cause of this and find a way to stem the tide of it. Not so much close off, but to at least attempt to put a control inplace to aid in keeping undesireable creatures from coming through.

Also, I have come into contact with one whom I believe you seek. He keeps to the Elven Grove, secretive and quiet. Isuspect that reason to speak with him would be twofold. He not only aided in the disasterous "rescue" at the docks, but his home also shows signs of covorting with demons. Should you need more information on this I can continue my efforts to get him to come into the open.

I await your reply.

Vatae Methalis

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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
4:39 pm
Our 'culture'
Here is a question...

What are the main influences on RP on the East Coast today?

When I first started, it was very D&D... After the LOTR movie came out, Tolkien came to the forefront in a very big way. A year or so after that, I started seeing lots of pirates, and pirate characters. Now I am seeing more of an eastern influence. I personally think that's a great thing - I want to attract all those young anime fans.

Thoughts? What have you witnessed?

edit: I forget about the WhiteWolf/Gothic influence, but I don't really have a time period for that. Just every so often someone mentions Garou or Malkav.
Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
12:02 pm
Discussion with Calion
OOC: Lisa figured that we could start the further discussion as a new post due to us moving locals ever so slightly. If you have issues with it just cut and past my reply and delete the new entry...if it doesn't let you let me know.

IC: Vatae gesture to the ladder. "After you." She states blandly. She thinks that it would never do to preceed somone into thier own home, for many reasons. After he climbs, she follows with an ease that is in contradiction to the heavy skirts that she wears. Upon reaching the top she patiently awaits his lead.
Monday, December 18th, 2006
3:21 pm
Taken from the Legend of the Five Rings Role-Playing Game, and
adapted for the MLS Vampire LARP and now for amtgard.


1. What race does your character belong to?

2. How would you describe your character?

3. Is your character a thinker or a fighter?

4. What about your character's family? What were they like?

5. What is your character's main motivation?

6. Who is the one person your character trusts most?

7. What is your character's greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

8. What does your character think of honor?

9. What is your character's own opinion of his race/tribe?

10. Does your character have any prejudices?

11. Was your character married?

12. To whom does your character owe the most loyalty?

13. What are your character's favorite (and least favorite) things?

14. Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?

15. What about your character's psychology?

16. How would your character handle an insubordinate servant?

17. How would your character's parents describe him?

18. What are your character's highest ambitions?

19. How religious is your character?

20. If you could, what advice would you give your character?
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